Air Show Info and FAQ
A few reminders and suggestions …
• Comfortable shoes and clothing, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses and head cover, are recommended as there are no indoor facilities.

• Air Show aerial performances produce loud noises. Ear protection is recommended, especially for children.

• Traffic leaving after the Air Show is very heavy and long delays may occur. Plan accordingly. Please take your time leaving the Air Show and visit some of the displays and vendors on your way out. And make sure you take that last restroom break before you sit in traffic!

• Food and drink vendors will be set up throughout the grounds. Attendees may bring lawn chairs onto the grounds; however coolers, glass bottles and alcoholic beverages may NOT be brought in. Air Show souvenirs will also be available.

• Pets are not allowed on the grounds and please don’t leave them in the parking area!  Service animals are permitted, but please note the show includes loud noises.

• No airborne drones, skateboards, bicycles, or rollerblades, please.

ATM..Yes, there are several ATM machines located near the main Information tents, some gate locations, and other areas.

• Food and drink vendors – most take credit cards and cash.

Due to continued FAA and DHS security restrictions, coolers, large tote bags, and large purses are not allowed at the Air Show. No knives, guns, weapons, or drugs. All persons, vehicles and items are subject to search at the entrances by military and police security personnel. Yes, you may still bring your folding chairs and small hand carried items such as cameras and binoculars, subject to search. No tents, canopies or cooking equipment. All camera bags and baby diaper bags will be searched per FAA and Department of Homeland Security requirements.
Unless the weather is severe, we will fly as much of the show as is safe and possible. In the event that both days of show are canceled, your ticket price will be considered a tax-deductible contribution to an IRC 501(C)3 organization. Due to FAA permit restrictions and performer commitments it is not possible to reschedule the Air Show for another weekend.

Allowed Articles and Items (subject to search)
    •    Small Coolers (medical purposes only)
    •    Fanny Packs
    •    Camel-backs
    •    Purses
    •    Camera Bags
    •    Diaper Bags
    •    Backpacks
    •    Child Strollers
    •    Portable Lawn Chairs
    •    Personal Umbrellas and Blankets
    •    Handicap Authorized Scooters Only
Prohibited Articles and Items
    •    All coolers (hard or soft, unless medically required)
    •    All food and beverages, open or closed (except baby formula)
    •    Narcotics and Paraphernalia
    •    Bikes, roller blades, drones and balloons
    •    Large Personal shade and pop-up tents
    •    Service animals are admitted with hosts
         (No personal pets permitted)
    •    Golf Carts, ATV’s and Skates and Skate Boards
    •    Weapons (including, but not limited to knives, firearms, explosives,
          bio/radiological substances)
 Q: My I bring a motorhome?
A: NO...All parking areas are dirt and on airport property.
Q: May I park overnight?
A: No...There is no security available.
Q: Are Tickets Refundable?
A: In the event of inclement weather, acts of god and/or public incidents; the current FAA and Public Safety Authority guidelines may require adjustments to the show and performer schedules including the possibility of postponement or cancellation. All scheduled performers, events and activities are subject to change without prior notice.  *This is an outdoor event, there are no rain checks or performer rain date options.  All sales are final, no Ticket Refunds available!
Q: What if it Rains?
A: Air Shows are outdoor events and subject to weather conditions.  If weather becomes a factor, there are three flying profiles normally available to get the show completed: High Show, Medium Show and Flat Show.  In the event of inclement weather and acts of God; FAA and Public Safety Authority guidelines may require adjustments to the daily show schedules including the possibility of postponement or cancellation.  
Air Show rain dates are not an option!
Q: How does the remote location shuttle service operate?
A: The officially recognized Remote Parking Locations (Maps and Directions) have dedicated shuttle bus service to and from the Air Show.  These buses run continuously during the scheduled Air Show hours of operation.
Q: Handicap Parking?
A: Yes. Designated Handicap Parking areas are available at the Air Show. Only authorized handicap vehicles will be allowed to park in these limited available locations. Please see Maps and Directions.
Q: Will there be Handicap Transportation services to/from the Air Show and shuttle bus drop-off locations?
A: Yes. There are limited bus services and golf cart limo services for the handicap guests only to/from the Air Show designated bus drop-off locations.  Personal motorized wheelchairs are authorized!
Q: Where can I find a Schedule of Events?
A: The weekend activities and are posted here air show schedule.
Q: What about Hotels in the local area?
A: There are numerous hotels in the Colorado Springs area to choose from in all price ranges.  To see a list of some local lodging options
Q: Are there any special activities for the Kids?
A: Yes!  There is a professional Kid’s Zone attraction and an Educational area located in the Air Show..
Q: Are Pets Allowed?
A: Pets are NOT allowed within the Air Show venue grounds (Service Animals are admitted with hosts).
Q: Will Be Smoking Allowed?
A: Yes. Smoking will only be authorized in designated smoking areas only!  There is no smoking on the aircraft static display ramp due to large quantities of aircraft gas and jet fuel.
Q: Will there be Food and Beverages available for purchase at the show?
A: Yes. A huge variety of international food and beverage choices are available for purchase throughout the normal show hours.
Q: Will there be ATM’s on site?
A: Yes. There are numerous ATM’s located throughout the Air Show grounds. Most vendor take both cash and credit cards.
Q: Will there be Drinking Water available at the Air Show?
A: Yes. In addition to bottled water for purchase, there will be access to emergency public drinking water at the First-Aid Stations, free of charge.
Q: Will there be Public Restrooms available?
A: Yes. Public Porta Potty’s (including handicap-accessible) and Wash-Stations will be available throughout the Air Show grounds.
Q: Can I take Pictures at the Air Show?
A: YES/Absolutely. Cameras and Video are highly suggested to record your family’s Air Show experience. Photographers, you may want to choose the Photo Pit Pass  (Advance on-line only).
Q: How can a Non-Profit Group volunteer to help at the Air Show?
A: Please review the Volunteer Page and fill out a volunteer request on-line.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

Leonardo Da Vinci

"Never fly the A model of anything."

World War II Pilot Officer Edward Thompson of 433 (RCAF) Squadron

"Air power is like poker. A second-best hand is like none at all - it will cost you dough and win you nothing."

General George Kenney, Commander of Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific, 1942-45

"Pershing won [WWI] without even looking into an airplane, let alone going up in one. If they had been of such importance he'd have tried at least a ride. . . "

John Wingate Weeks, U.S. Secretary of War, 1921