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Douglas SBD Dauntless

Douglas SBD Dauntless

The SBD Dauntless entered service in 1940. It was borderline obsolescent at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Surprisingly, the “slow but deadly” not only held its own, but became a “hero” airplane of the war, most notably at the Battle of Midway (4-7 June, 1942) during which four Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk. This Dauntless is one of only three SBDs flying in the world today.


The Battle of Midway represented the first decisive naval victory over the forces of Imperial Japan.



The Pikes Peak Regional Airshow supports three museums in Colorado Springs—The Ft. Carson 4th Infantry Museum, The Peterson Air and Space Museum and The National Museum of WWII Aviation. These unique institutions are dedicated to the education of future generations through the preservation of our nation’s military heritage.