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F3F Flying Barrel

F3F Flying Barrel

The Grumman F3F-2 was the last Navy and Marine biplane fighter. It entered service in 1936, and retired from front-line service in 1941. Its short operational life served to underscore its role in the Navy’s transition from biplanes to monoplanes. A total of 147 F3Fs of three variants were delivered with this -2 having an upgraded, 950 horsepower engine.

The F3F inherited the Leroy Grumman-designed retractable main landing gear configuration used on an earlier Grumman aircraft design. This landing gear configuration was carried over to the much improved F4F Wildcat single wing fighter, the successor to the F3F.

The entire F3F-2 production series was delivered between 1937 and 1938. When deliveries ended, all seven Navy and Marine Corps pursuit (fighter) squadrons were equipped with Grumman single-seat fighters.



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