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Mountain Fox Tank Corps

Mountain Fox Tank Corps

The roar, the power and strength as you surge forward: few people have experienced driving a tank, but now you can join them at Mountain Fox Tank Corps. Drive a Cold War-era tank or half-track, crush a vehicle, shoot WWII-era light and heavy machine guns. It’s a day you won’t soon forget.

Derived from the troop carrier M3 Halftrack, White Motor Company’s M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage is equipped with a .50 Cal quad mount to shoot down aircraft.

“Kubel” Type 82 Kubelwagen
Built on top of the original “people’s car” (aka the Beetle), Volkswagen built just 50,000 Type 82s for the German war effort. This “Kubel” is a reproduction based on a 1974 Beetle and is street legal.

Mountain Fox offers enthusiasts the chance to drive Cold War era tanks and WWII era vehicles including the two halftracks on display. There’s so much more to do at Mountain Fox, so check here:



Proceeds from the air show benefit these three museums in Colorado Springs that are dedicated to the education of future generations through the preservation of our nation’s military heritage.

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7330 Embraer-Heights
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916

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