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T-28C Trojan

T-28C Trojan

Constructed in 1956, this North American T-28C Trojan (N9025Y) was assigned to Naval Training Squadron 27 (VT-27), “The Boomers,” stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas. It served from 1956 to 1974, supporting training for Naval Aviators to safely land on airfields marked to match the size of an aircraft carrier, and also teaching deck landings on the USS Lexington. In 1974 the T-28 was transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center, where it remained until 1978. The aircraft was then featured in the Georgia Historical Aviation Museum in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and later at the Air Classics Museum in Chicago. In November, 2023, the aircraft was acquired by Steve Rodemer of Colorado Springs, where it is now based. Today, the T-28 performs in airshows across the country as both static and flight displays, including EAA AirVenture, Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo, the Moses Lake Airshow, and of course the Pikes Peak Regional Airshow.


Maximum Speed:  343 mph Ceiling: 35,500 ft
Range: 1060 miles Length: 40 ft 1 in
Contractor: North American Aviation Wingspan: 33 ft
Power Plant: Wright R-1820, 1,425 hp Weight: 6,424 lbs



Proceeds from the air show benefit these three museums in Colorado Springs that are dedicated to the education of future generations through the preservation of our nation’s military heritage.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916

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